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还有一个被更多的被称为Olodumare,他创造了orishas但后来从他的创作中撤退。有些人将orishas描述为Olodumare的表现形式或方面。 Olodumareashe的来源,所有生物必须拥有才能生存和成功,包括orishas。单独的Olodumare是自我维持的,不需要由另一个来源提供。然而,人类和orishas通过各种仪式相互提供。阿什的最佳来源是献血,这就是为什么动物祭祀在桑特里亚扮演如此重要的角色。人类通过血液或其他仪式行动提供asheorisha成为从Olodumare到请愿者的帮助,以协助请愿者的努力。 orishas的数量因信徒而异。在Santeria起源的最初的非洲信仰体系中,有数百个orishas。另一方面,新世界Santeria信徒通常只与少数人合作。


There is one more known as Olodumare, who created orishas but later retreated from his creations. Some people describe orisash as a manifestation or aspect of Olodumare. Olodumare is the source of ashe, all creatures must have the ability to survive and succeed, including orishas. The individual Olodumare is self-sustaining and does not need to be provided by another source. However, humans and orishas provide each other through various rituals. The best source of Ash is blood donation, which is why animal sacrifices play such an important role in Santri. Humans provide ashe through blood or other ritual actions, and orisha becomes a help from Olodumare to the petitioner to assist the petitioners. The number of orishas varies from believer to believer. There are hundreds of orissas in the original African belief system of Santeria origin. On the other hand, New World Santeria believers usually only work with a few people.