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美国总统罗纳德里根于1987612日在西德发表讲话,着名呼吁苏联领导人戈尔巴乔夫“拆除那堵墙”。此时,里根的反共主义里根主义政策削弱了苏联在东欧的影响力,并谈到德国人统一已经开始。 198910月,东德的共产党领导人被迫下台,1989119日,新的东德政府确实“拆除了这堵墙。”这是近三十年来柏林墙第一次停止运作。政治障碍和东德人可以自由地前往西方。到199010月,德国完全统一,标志着苏联和其他共产主义东欧政权即将崩溃。改革的经济自由化和格拉斯诺的政治混乱严重削弱了军事资金和力量。 1985年至1991年期间,苏联军队的剩余部队人数从530多万下降到不到270万。


US President Ronald Reagan made a speech in West Germany on June 12, 1987, and called on the Soviet leader Gorbachev to “remove the wall.” At this time, Reagans anti-communist Reaganist policy weakened the influence of the Soviet Union in Eastern Europe and talked about the beginning of German reunification. In October 1989, the Communist Party leaders in East Germany were forced to step down. On November 9, 1989, the new East German government did demolition of the wall.” This is the first time the Berlin Wall has ceased to operate in the past three decades. Political obstacles and East Germans are free to travel to the West. By October 1990, Germany was completely unified, marking the impending collapse of the Soviet Union and other communist Eastern European regimes. Reformed economic liberalization and Glasgows political chaos have severely weakened military funding and power. Between 1985 and 1991, the number of remaining troops in the Soviet army fell from more than 5.3 million to less than 2.7 million.