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位于佐治亚州西北部的肯尼索山国家战场公园占地2,965英亩,保留了亚特兰大战役的内战战场。 1864年6月19日至7月2日,由威廉·T·谢尔曼率领的联邦军袭击了约瑟夫·约翰斯顿将军领导的南方军队。三千名联盟部队下降,而刚刚只有500名同盟军,但这只是边缘胜利,约翰逊不得不在一天结束时撤退。肯尼索也是切诺基民族故事的重要组成部分。从公元前1000年开始,切罗基人的祖先就住在该地区。他们原本是一个游牧民族,他们成了农民,到了19世纪,他们采用了白人的文化和生活方式,试图保住他们的土地。但在19世纪30年代,在佐治亚州北部的山区发现了黄金,由此产生的格鲁吉亚淘金热激起白人定居者扩张该国的领土,并强行将切诺基人移至俄克拉荷马州。强行拆除导致了臭名昭着的泪痕迹 –  16,000名切罗基人乘坐步行,骑马,马车和汽船前往俄克拉荷马州,途中有4,000人死亡。


The Kennedy Mountain National Battlefield Park, located in northwestern Georgia, covers an area of 2,965 acres and preserves the civil war battlefield at the Battle of Atlanta. From June 19 to July 2, 1864, the EFF led by William T. Sherman attacked the Southern Army led by General Joseph Johnston. Three thousand alliance troops fell, and there were only 500 Allied forces, but this was only a marginal victory, and Johnson had to retreat at the end of the day. Kennesaw is also an important part of the Cherokee national story. Since 1000 BC, the Cherokee ancestors lived in the area. They were originally a nomadic people. They became peasants. In the 19th century, they adopted a white culture and lifestyle to try to preserve their land. But in the 1830s, gold was discovered in the mountains of northern Georgia, and the resulting Georgian gold rush provoked white settlers to expand the country’s territory and force the Cherokee to move to Oklahoma. Forced dismantling led to infamous tears – 16,000 Cherokees took a walk, horseback, carriage and steamboat to Oklahoma, killing 4,000 people.